I balance product vision, client needs, and years of expertise to craft delightful experiences.


Years in Experience Design

User Research

Interaction Design

Content Strategy

Visual Design



Years Leading Teams & Projects

WorkEQ (ReturnSafe) Employee Engagement Platform

Wi-Tronix IoT for Rail Platform

Moto Mods Visual Design

Moto 360 Smartwatch UI,
Moto Body Wellness App



NN/g UX Certificate & UX Management Specialty

SAFeĀ® Certified Agilist, Practitioner, PO/PM

SHRM People Manager Qualification

My adaptation of the skill map is very practical, facilitates focused conversation, and, most importantly, actionable to promote achievable outcomes. Using both The Complete UX Team Skill Mapping Scorecard and Uxcel's Skill Graph 2.0 can show team members that employers and managers care about and are invested in their professional growth.

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The Complete UX Team Skill Mapping Scorecard

Easy to use, comprehensive skill mapping combined with the individual development plan (IDP) to nurture high-performing UX teams.

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Trust Leadership Through CARE

Building and maintaining trust is crucial for any leader. By setting clear expectations, assuming positive intent, giving honest, constructive, and timely feedback, and actively listening and engaging, your team can thrive in your care.

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