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Stay Active With AI-Driven Dynamic Workouts

With Quictivity, you can stop wasting time deciding what workout to do, looking through endless videos, or planning a routine.

How It Works

That's It!

With AI, we build each session dynamically so you get a total body workout every 5 minutes. But you can keep going or stop whenever you want.

With Quictivity you start with a warm-up, get tailored micro workouts with varying intensity, and cool down at the end. You can swap a micro workout (like a burpee for a plank) with a simple gesture.

Keep your momentum going without missing a beat!

October 2, 2020

Quictivity is selected as one of six startups in the Startup Boost Pittsburgh Fall 2020 Pre-Accelerator

December 2, 2020

Quictivity pitched during the Startup Boost Demo Day as one of 72 rising startups at nine cities globally

December 12, 2021

Peerspace awards Quictivity with 2021 Space for Change sponsorship for lifting up underrepresented voices

Quictivity Coaches

Jennifer Quijada

Chicago, Illinois & Miami, Florida, USA

Nationally qualified figure competitor with a kinesiology degree and NASM-certified personal fitness trainer who instructs with an unconventional teaching style that helps clients tap into their inner physical and mental strength.

Du’ane Bennett

Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Experienced ISSA-certified personal fitness trainer who describes his coaching practice as the compass to help guide clients along their journey while introducing encouragement, wisdom, and motivation to achieve their desired goals.

Alioune Ndiaye

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

NASM-certified personal trainer who helps clients become lean and build a strong mindset through strength training and at-home workouts.

Angie Palmer

North Point, Hong Kong SAR

Wellness speaker and trainer with 15+ years experience and AASFP, Polestar, and other certifications who helps people become fitter, healthier, and happier.

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