When we each do our small part in making a difference, it will make all the difference in the world.


I teach high school kids about design through sponsored educational camps or YouthXDesign every summer.

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I give practical, actionable design and leadership advice to fellow UXers through this global design community.

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I lend to women without access to standard financial services to support their local businesses every year.

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UX Coffee Hours

I mentored new and aspiring designers, especially people of color, to successfully navigate and thrive in the world of design.

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I chaired the Events Committee at the League of Railway Women and organized two virtual annual conferences for hundreds of attendees.

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I organized two DataRescue events in Chicago where we preserved climate research data on government websites.

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Project Exploration

With other Moto women, we taught middle school girls to design, innovate, and pitch their ideas Shark Tank style.

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Chicago Public Schools

I volunteered at various grade schools from mentoring and teaching young girls to repairing and beautifying school grounds.

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