I have been designing for 15+ years and currently work in the transportation space. I have worked for both large and small companies in technology, transportation, and advertising with significant experience in trucking, rail, wellness, and IoT. I have held many roles, including graphic designer, web designer, front end developer, interactive designer, brand/agency creative, visual designer, interaction designer, and product owner.

I am passionate about encouraging young girls to pursue careers in STEM, bridging educational equity gaps for people of color and minorities, and supporting other women leaders and business owners in areas that lack structures to help them succeed.

Designer &

I approach problems with curiosity. I make informed decisions backed by data. I find and implement effective solutions.

Expert &

I define and execute UX vision as a relentless advocate for end users, driven to deeply understand them and the problem space.

Leader &

I foster a creative culture where each member of my team is empowered and enabled to innovate with empathy.

8 years

Graphic & Web Designer
Front End Developer

7 years

Visual & Interaction Designer

5 years

UX Manager / UX Lead
Product Owner

My Leadership Philosophy

Lead by example

Engender trust

Celebrate diverse perspectives

Empower team members

Bridge the gaps

My Strategic Advantage

End to end product delivery from research, design, implementation, to market

Work experience from design, code, to marketing lets me see from many angles

Always considering outcomes, feasibility, and value throughout the process

My Design Process

Understand and define the problem while seeking the most pressing needs

Keep on open mind and consider the big picture while working through details

Iterate with the goal of achieving simple yet impactful and elegant experiences

It took us a LONG time to hire a leader for our design team. This was a critical role for us to fill, and we wanted to get it right. With Patricia, we got it right. She immediately made an impact across both product and marketing. She implemented a design system that made us more efficient at delivering higher quality products. She conducted in-depth and unbiased user research to ensure that we were making informed decisions. She played a crucial role in rebranding the company, and delivering consistency across our product and marketing experience.

Kurt Monnier, Fractional VP of Customer Success and Solution Engineering, Denominator

Patricia and I worked on the Moto 360 smartwatch UI and the accompanying Moto Body app. Patricia was responsible for the look and feel of the entire app, and did an excellent job. She has a great attitude, works tirelessly, and creates exceptional interfaces. I would highly recommend Patricia for UI/UX design and for having on your design team in general. 

Ricky Hoobler, VP of Experience Design, Cerence

Patricia's knack for great digital design is matched only by her ability to figure out how to implement just about any request. Patricia brings it all to the table - a great eye for design, an intuitive understanding of the right user experience for a given project, and the technical know-how to make it all happen. Patricia is an incredible asset to any team.

Leana Rogers Salamah, VP Marketing, International Housewares Association

Patricia has a passion for making data-rich applications understandable to people and organizations in a way that drives adoption and delights users. She is thoughtful in her approach to problems, caring for others on her team, and driven to do the right thing for organizations she works for and their end users.

Mike Oren, PhD, Head of Design Research, Klaviyo

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